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Every website we build is built to be 100% mobile compatible. Every feature of the website will be great for desktop pc’s, tablets and cell phones.

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Setrik Web offers website SSL protection for every single website we build. SSL helps keep the connections between your customers and your website secure and safe from third parties trying to steal information in between. SSL is important for websites to have, it shows that you take privacy seriously. SSL is absolutely required when utilizing e-commerce, or any time financial information is being transmitted back and forth between your website and your customers. To see that your website is protected by website SSL, you should look for a lock up near the address bar on your web browser. You can also tell that a website is utilizing website SSL by paying attention to the web address itself. Any website that is not using website SSL will have an address like this: – notice the HTTP part of the address. The HTTP part means that this link is not secure. A secure address looks like this: – notice the HTTPS in the address? That means the address is secure. Even if your customers attempt to go to your website using HTTP instead of HTTPS, we have technology setup to automatically redirect your customer to the SECURE address for your website.

Because we include website SSL protection with every website we build, you don’t have to worry about paying extra or needing to add it on. We include it with every website automatically to help keep our customers and your customers safe. If you have any questions about website SSL and the protections that it offers for you, please let us know. We are always happy to help.

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