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Google Website Hosting

Above is a photo of one of Google’s data centers used to host servers on the web. Google is absolutely fanatical about providing high end website hosting solutions. They have some of the largest server farms in the world and they are continually upgrading and adding to their infratructure as newer technologies become available.

Google Server Website Hosting FTW

When choosing an infrastructure for website hosting, it is important to choose a network that you know will be reliable and capable to handle the load of busy websites. Today more than ever, businesses rely heavily on websites to help increase their customer base as well as business branding. This is why we choose Google Servers for our website hosting environment. Google has been in the Internet business for a very long time and has been extremely successful in creating an infrustructure that is not only reliable but also highly capable of meeting the demands of website hosting. 

Every single website that we build gets hosted on servers located within the Google network. Google not only provides a reliable and capable network, they also provide a level of security that is higher than most other networking infrastructures in the entire world. Their level of service and reliability is absolutely second to none.

Website Updates and Network Monitoring

As a website design and hosting company, Setrik strives to provide the most secure hosting environment that we possibly can. We do this by performing constant monitoring of our web servers and their current status. We have equipment in place to automatically check for possible network failures and bottlenecks. If any scenario is discovered that may compromise the reliability of one of our web servers, there are triggers in place to automatically correct issues way before they start to affect any running processes.

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