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Priority Website Support Is Fast

Many of us lead very busy lives and something as important as our website needs to receive support as quickly as possible. This is why we offer priority support as an option for your new website. Our regular support is included with every website that we build and host. All support issues are handled in the order they are received and someone from our team will respond to your support ticket within 48 hours after requesting support. With priority support, we take care of your issue now and respond immediately to help you get your issues resolved. 

Priority support is offered as a monthly option or as a one-time incident fee. Either way, support options are available any time you need support.

One-Time Priority Support
$65 Per Incident

Monthly Priority Support
$40 Per Month

Monthly Priority Website Support

Our monthly priority website support option provides you the ability to give us a call anytime during normal business hours and we will get on your issue immediately and handle it until the issue has been resolved. You can sign up for priority support any time you like and must agree to keeping priority support on your account for at least 12 months.

One-Time Priority Website Support

One-time priority support is where you pay to jump ahead of the queue and get support immediately. There is no long term committment and you can choose to use it when you like. The one-time priority website support option is paid per incident.

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